Thursday, May 3, 2012

What are you putting into life?

So a good friend of mine posted on various social media sites a question that I really like:

Shouldn't you put into your relationships what you want out of them??

It seems to have an obvious answer.  But I want you to pause for a second and think back to past relationships and ask yourself that same question.  Were you putting in what you expected to get out?  If you want your mate to be more considerate... are you modeling that behavior?
I myself had to take a moment and review my past relationship failures.  I could tell over time that I had gotten a lot better at modeling the behaviors that I wanted to see.  Now I am not saying that I was perfect at it.  As bad as that last one ended I am certain there was still a disconnect in that area.  The key is I don't blame it all on him.  I share in the blame in the fact that there were things I expected that I did not do. 
There has to be some sort of example to model after or communication.  The ideal is both.  If you want someone to love you a certain way, you have to love first yourself & then them that exact way.
It's like having a bucket and reaching in to get out something that you know good & got'damn well you didn't put in there.  You are taking your chances.  Sometimes you get lucky but most times you don't.
Now look at your life.  My mom has used this bucket analogy before.  Your parents and GOD provide you with a bucket.  For years your parents are sharing their blessings with you and putting them in your bucket.  As a child and a teenager you are able to reach into the bucket and pull out what you need.  At some point you have to start putting things into the bucket yourself. 
When you are an adult it is all on you.  You can't expect for there to be anything in the bucket if you didn't put anything in.
So what are you putting into your "life bucket" and your "love bucket"?  What are your thoughts?

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